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"and" and "or" operators in Mechanism


"and" and "or" operators in Mechanism

I am using Mechanism 2, Release M080. I am writing a user defined function
expression for a Force/Torque definition. The operators that are available
include a "logical and" and a "logical or" operator. I cannot find
anything in the ProE WF2 Help Topic Collection - Mechanism Design
Extension that describes how these two operators can be used. I have a
possible application, but need to know how/when/where these two operators
can be used.

Any help would be appreciated.

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If your question is one of syntax, I believe you will be safe in using
standard paragraph () separations, placing your "and" and "or" operators in
between, without the quotation marks.

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The logical following logical operators are used in Pro/E relations:

math operators: + - * / ^ ( ) =
functions: ln(), log(), abs(), ceil(), floor(), sqrt()
trig functions: sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), sinh(),
cosh(), tanh() Note: The trig functions are always in degrees
logical comparison: & (and), | (or), ! (not)
logical equality: ==
inequalities: != (not equal), < (greater than), > (less than), <=
(greater than or equal), >= (less than or equal)

I think the operators would be the same for mechanism expressions.

Best regards,


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