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simulation for a g-force specification lift


simulation for a g-force specification lift

I have a requirement to do an FEA on a trailer, where the trailer is being
lifted by a crane. The specification calls for a 3-g crane lift (ie, if the
crane lifts the trailer with a force of 3 g's, will the wheels fall of when
it leaves the ground?) I'm not sure how to model the loads and constraints.
Is my best bet to constrain the model at the lift points, and then set a
gravity load of 3 g's? Is this possible?



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That is a pretty standard specification. It means that there is acceleration
on the lift - i.e. the spooling of the lifting cable is not quasi-static. It
also implies a safety factor since the actual acceleration is not known.

I've typically used a constraint (123) at the 'pick point' of the cable and
applied a 3-g acceleration profile. You need to make sure your Mass Center
of what is being lifted is below the pick point if you are to avoid
rigid-body displacement in your simulation. Check your cable loads to make
sure they are always in tension.

Let me know if you need any help with this.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Matthew Ian Loew
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