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Arbortext Video Series: Technical Illustrations Part 2

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Last week I wrote about the Creo Illustrate 2.0 Part 1 video.  Did you have a chance to take a look? If not I encourage you to do so when you have a moment.

Today I would like to highlight part 2 in the Creo Illustrate 2.0 video series.

Creo Illustrate 2.0 provides you with 3D Technical Illustrations that clearly convey complex information to a global workforce, reduce translation costs, and increase illustrator productivity. You’ll also be able to automate parts list creation. 

In this 7 minute video, Tim Harrison, director of product management, continues to review enhancements for Creo Illustrate 2.0 which includes:

  • Item list enhancements
    • New API enables 3D interactive illustrations for supporting documents or webpages
    • Dynamic parts list table
      • Manually re-numbering items
  • Publishing
    • User-defined/configurable “recipe” files
    • 2D formats
    • SVG export
    • Publish preview
  • IP security
    • Additional security for illustration publishing

Take some time to watch the Creo Illustrate 2.0 Part 2 video and let me know what you think. I also welcome any suggestions and recommendations on future video topics.

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