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Events coming up...

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Check the Arbortext PTC/User Group page for a list of upcoming virtual meetings and webinars. Lots of good product information, tips, and feature-focus sessions headed our way.

Here's a short list:

  • August 28    User Meeting: Deploying and maintaining a large single-sourcing solution: Now what?

    This is going to be a great one. I've known the speaker for a while and even did a podcast with him. He's an long-time Arbortext customer who has done a lot of really interesting things over the years. However, one of the best things we can all learn from him is what it takes to deploy an Arbortext-style dynamic publishing system for a major company. At it's peak, his team of seven was managing the system for 700 writing staff. He was there in the beginning when they proposed the system to management and he's there today, 10 years later. It's going to be a great presentation!

  • August 31    Webinar: DITA Style in Arbortext. It's Easy!

    I'm giving this one. We're going to show some best practices of doing DITA stylesheets in Styler. Understanding fall-back processing, using read-only stylesheets, modular stylesheet development. All of these contribute to a successful DITA implementation and a productive environment.

  • September 23    Webinar: ROI of XML

    Want to know why you implement an XML publishing system? Missed the user meeting on August 28th? Hear from some long time experts about why they did it and what it took to sell it to the executive suite. Panelists include: Greg Johnson/Medtronic, Todd Nowlan/Canadian Telecom, Charlotte Robidoux/HP, and Andy Pieper/Toro.

  • September 25    User Meeting: Building the future of technical publishing with MathFlow, MathType, and MathML

    Doing Math in XML has not always been the easiest thing to do. The tools from Design Science have been the canonical way for doing it for decades. They know Math; they know XML; and, they know how they fit together. In this presentation, you'll hear about how to take advantage of the maturation of the traditional XML standards framework, as well as how to put yourself in a position to get out in front of emerging trends.

  • October 23    User Meeting: An ACL Tool to Find and Replace XML Attribute Values

    This presentation by Todd Hicks, from Wolters Kluwer, was originally given at PTC/User in 2008. Todd is well known throughout the user community for building tools to help his writers be ever more efficent, ever more productive in Arbortext. In this presentation, he describes one of the tools he built to improve user productivity and what he did to make it happen. This is a great presentation and one not to miss! 

  • October 26    Webinar: "Under-the-hood with Multimedia publishing"

    Details coming soon. Jean Kaplansky from PTC and I will be showing what you can do with DMP. We're output geeks and currently playing with things interesting technology like ePub, HTML5, CSS3... stay tuned!

That's the list folks.. Lots of stuff coming over the next few months. Sign up soon to guarantee your seat or at least guarantee you get a copy of the web session to view later!


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