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Looking for Arbortext Presenters for LiveWorx 2016!!

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Hello Arbortext Community!

I am looking for customers to be featured presenters during our SLM track Breakout Sessions at LiveWorx 2016. We (and the rest of the community) would love to hear about your best practices in using Arbortext/Creo/SIM/Windchill products. Tips and Tricks that you have to share. Lessons you have learned, benefits you have seen from using any of these product lines. You can present even if you are using only Arbortext alone. I really want to help and bring back the "end-user" part of the conference for this community.But I can't do it alone and need your help and expertise!!

As a presenter, you will receive complimentary admission to the LiveWorx conference, so use it as an opportunity to learn from other segments and what PTC is working on. The conference is from June 6-9th and takes place in Boston, MA. You can visit the site for more information.

If you have something that you're interested in presenting, please email me directly (ptoor at and let me know. You would be presenting for 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q&A.

I am waiting to hear from you!! Thanks for your help-

Pushpinder Toor


Come on Arbortext users!  This year we wanted to make the sessions more about you. Please feel free to share any ideas you may have for an interesting customer presentation!


With all due respect, I think Arbortext users in general would be more responsive to this plea if PTC was making a visible commitment of time and talent by having some actual Arbortext focused presentations of their own on the agenda. (An SLM overview does not an Arbortext presentation make )

It is a little difficult to justify going to a conference where you may be the only Arbortext focused presenter. I know my team would be more responsive if they saw relevant sessions from PTC about Arbortext and Illustrate (product updates, roundtables, tips and tricks, etc.), and that is unfortunate because they would certainly like to be in a position to present at some point considering that we use Arbortext Editor, Styler, PE, Creo Parametric, Illustrate, Windchill ProjectLink, SIM, and PDMLink in our technical documentation authoring and publishing pipeline.

It would seem that there are many possible topics for presentations that could be informative to users of many experience levels and could provide exposure of the Arbortext products to non-users. And I would think that PTC would be motivated to deliver some of those presentations themselves in an effort to revive the Arbortext user participation level at this unified conference. Perhaps some PTC consulting partners should be recruited for some real world presentations. But without a clear benefit, I think my team will again opt to attend other conferences.


John Frankovich

Thanks for the feedback John. I think in years past we would accept that we kind of lost the user focus that was present at previous generations of events such as the AUGIs. We are trying to get back to some of the more technical, user focused subject matter, so If you have some ideas for how we might do that please feel free to reach out to Pushpinder or Myself. I believe we are doing round-tables and customer advisory panels this year on the Thursday.

My email is - and I would be very interested in listening to areas that you think would drive attendance from Arbortext, Service Information Manager and illustration (Iso/Creo) product users. What topics are you interested in sharing with other users or hearing about from PTC? Thanks!

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