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Making Cool Tables in PDF Output [TC Dojo Arbortext Edition]

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In this session, we’re going to talk about tables. Want to change the table from a simple block of tabulated data into something pretty and easy to scan? Want alternating colored rows? Want a fancy border around the table? With Arbortext Styler, you have access to the APP Engine for publishing, so you can do all of this and more! Whatever you can dream up to change the look and feel of tables, you can do it in Styler. In this session, we will show you how to get started

Key Points:

  • Remember different tables are formatted according to different element rules
    • Just because it looks like a table doesn’t mean it’s a table -- a table is not a properties element, is not a dl element
  • Some things are easy
    • Use boxing properties in the samples directory
  • Some things are hard (alternating row colors)
    • Get help from a mentor
    • Take APP training
    • Submit an Enhancement request to PTC to add the capability in Styler for whatever hard thing it is you’re trying to do!
    • Sample code

This session is accessible to Beginners just getting started with Styler Stylesheets

View the Recording

The video is now available for viewing: Watch this episode of Arbortext TC Dojo Online on our Vimeo On Demand Channel

TC Dojo Mastermind group members can watch it for free on the forums.

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