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New Features Coming in Styler 6.0 M020 - Indexing Update

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This is the second post giving updates on Styler 6.0 M020, this time looking at the indexing enhancements we’re making available in this release.

Historically, Styler has only had the ability to create a single index. From M020 you will be able to have lots! So, if you want a general index, a part name index, a contributor index and a keyword index all in the same document then you can achieve this in M020.

Index definitions have been moved out of Styler’s menu system and into a new Index definitions tab. All the properties and settings you are used to now appear as properties and settings of new named index definitions which you can create as part of your stylesheet. As with other definitions in Styler, you give your index definition a name by which you can refer to it when you want to use or target it.

Index Definitions Tab.JPG

A new feature of these index definitions is that now an index can be scoped. This means you can create a separate index for each chapter in your book, each article in your multi-part publication or even each section in your manual. That index can be used to list the tools or parts used per procedure, for example. By default, the whole document is the scope. This option is on the General tab.

Index Definitions Scope.JPG

When you’re styling an element as an index entry, you can now select the target indexes you want the entry to appear in. This means you can select an index entry to appear in multiple indexes.

Index Term Target Indexes.JPG

The index entries which get generated are styled by styling the SFEs (Styler Formatting Elements) for the index entry component. Now we can have lots of indexes, lots of new SFEs will be created and named according to the index definition they’re used in.

When you style an element as an Index, you can select the index type you wish to output. This is selected from a drop-down list of the defined index types.

Index Details.JPG

As you can see, we are continuing to make Styler more powerful and flexible to give you a stylesheet development tool to allow you to create your output without needing to resort to writing code. I believe that this brings us one big step closer to achieving this.

If you’ve got any questions or would like to comment – feel free. Next time, I’ll be writing about EPUB.

As with all forward-looking information, this is subject to change without notice.

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