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A Little Guidance Needed


A Little Guidance Needed

Hi All
We are currently using Arbortext Editor 5.3 and Arbortext Print Composer 5.3
for our PDF creation. I have been reluctant to upgrade to V6.1 M020 based
on some of the things that I have read on this forum. I am getting ready to
upgrade to V6.1 M020. My question is "Will Arbortext Print Composer work
with V6.1 Mo2o or do I need to purchase the Advanced Print Publisher?"

Any comments/guidance/help that you can provide would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you for your attention.

John T. Groves
W R Systems, LTD.
2500 Almeda Ave
Suite 214
Norfolk, VA 23513-2403
Ph. 757.858.6000 ext 442
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restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.
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Hi, John

Print Composer does indeed work with AE 6.1 M020.

We upgraded our Editor and Print Composers from AE 5.3 last year, and have been have been regularly upgrading, so that we are now using 6.1 M020.

You will find when you go to the "Arbortext Product Licensing - License Landing Page" web site that, after releasing your 5.3 Editor and Print Composer licenses, you will be able to upgrade them to 6.1.

Of course, there is a new licensing scheme, FlexNet, which presents new challenges, but which works well once you've worked with it.

--Jack Kulas
LSI, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL


Thank you for the quick response. I am extremely glad to hear about Print
Composer. I have been looking into the Licensing Scheme. Pain in the **&!

Thanks again.
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