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APP Version 11.0 M080


APP Version 11.0 M080

Hello Users
APP version 11 M080 is now available for download from the support site.
The release notes say this:

* Fixed scaling problems when importing rotated PDF pages. (SPR 2247985)

* Fixed problems in PDF output when rotated text contains a minus character from the TeX fonts. (SPR 2252577)

* Added option to output space characters in PDF file to improve cut \& paste operations in Acrobat. (SPR 2119548)

* Fixed problem with PDF bookmarks in PScript driver when no fit option selected. (SPR 2255453)

* Fixed problem with inline frames and autocopy when copymode is set to never (SPR 2243556)

* Fixed FOM fFootnoteReference terminatorString property to make sure non-showstring values are escaped correctly (SPR 2166833)

* Fixed problem with incorrect nodeinfo on namespace declarations and namespaced attributes. (SPR 2201601)

* Fixed incorrect DTD parser errors when declaring namespaced elements or attributes. (SPR 2144978)

* Fixed a pointer error when using column footers around a nested table (SPR 2239008)

* Fixed a pointer error when stripping off a whole row that was 'spanned-into' (SPR 2239008)

* Fixed drawing of rules at the top of a page when it starts with a new row that is being spanned into by a cell from a previous row and which is keeping the top of the row together () (SPR 2187387)

* Fixed potential lockup or crash when seeing a columnbreak within balanced columns (SPR 2237363)

* Fixed repeating block headers when the first thing in the column is displaystyle maths (SPR 2077916)

* Fixed possible loss of column header when a 2nd level header is defined at the point where the 1st one was being repeated (SPR 2191554)

* Fixed several issues with column footers in a multicolumn block within a nested block that also had a footer (SPR 2202252)

* Fixed use of displaystyle maths when using break across columns in a slim table or block (SPR 2192154)

* Fixed use of and when nested in a multicolumn block that's balancing (SPR 2195769)

* Fixed crash saving 3d file when the pasteboard has been deleted (SPR 2250758)
And the FOM release notes say this:

* Added fTemplate.DEBUGFLAG_XPATH constant.

* Changed type of fIndexItem.ignoreMarkup from a boolean to an integer.

* Added fIndexItem.IgnoreMarkupModes constant group.

* Added fFormatting.pageLabelStore method.

* Added fTemplate.pageLabelLocate method.

* Added fFootnoteReference.allow property.

* Added fFootnoteReference.AllowFlags constant group.

* Removed fFootnoteReference.TYPE_END constant.

* Added fBookmark.parent, fBookmark.pdfName properties.

* Added fBookmarkReference.parent, fBookmarkReference.pdfName properties.

* Added fxDocument.languageAttrName, fxDocument.defaultLanguage properties.

* Added fxDocument.getLanguageFromAttr(), fxDocument.setLanguageMapping() methods.

* Added fxElement.getLanguage() method.

* Added fdFrameColumn object.

* Added fdFrame.columns property.

You'll notice from the FOM information that a number of feature additions have crept in:

* XPath debug - this feature allows template developers to generate a report which shows low long APP spends processing XPath expressions. The output can be directed to a log. If your template is running slowly, this is a helpful tool to see whether your XPath usage is the cause. Often bad XPath expressions can be written to be more efficient.

* Page labels are an interesting addition which may help with cross references and other things which refer to a page. The 'store' function allows you to store a string which APP then associates with a page. The 'locate' method then allows you to use that string as a key to return an array of the pages which have that label associated with it. It returns an array because the same label may be stored on more than one page.

* PDF bookmarks have been enhanced so that you can give them a name, and then use that name as the parent of a bookmark you're adding to the document. This gives you some control over the tree structure that gets generated for PDF bookmarks. Be aware that the parent name must exist in the tree before you add a child to it.

* The DOM language functionality has been added for APP's integration with Styler, but I can see a use for this in APP templates which are written for multiple languages where you would want to, say, output different boilerplate content or format differently depending on the current language.


Simon Taylor
Product Manager
Parametric Technology (UK) Ltd

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