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Any news on the PTC "Services" Event?


Any news on the PTC "Services" Event?

Has anyone heard anything about the parallel "Services" conference? I'm
being asked to put together my proposal for attending the PTC Live Global
and/or the Services conference and/or the Arbortext Technical Committees.

My understanding is that PTC Live Global will run Sunday - Wednesday. The
Services conference will run Tuesday and Wednesday.
The TCs will be Thursday and Friday.


Will conference hotel rates be available to folks attending only the
Services conference? Will there be single-day registrations possible for
PTC Live Global? (The pre-registration site only shows full conference
registration options.)

Etc. etc. etc.

Paul Nagai

I asked some of these questions, among others, in my email to Deb Shapiro a few weeks ago. However, to date I have not received a reply. I will let y'all know if/when that happens.

Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"

Hi Paul,
Sorry I cannot answer any of your questions, but I do have a quick question for you. Can you point me to the PTC Live Global 2013 pre-registration site you mentioned below? I'm visually disabled and have been unable to find it, and while I have also written to PTC with this request, I have not received a response.


Hi Thomas,
The PTC Live Global 2013 site is:

Dear Arbortext community members,

PTC Global Live is PTC’s premier training and networking event for mechanical engineers and engineering IT professionals. The content for this conference is oriented toward Mechanical Engineers and Engineering IT and Administrators. We anticipate that there may be Arbortext technical case studies selected; this event is not focused on technical information or service lifecycle topics.

PTC Live Service Exchange in Anaheim scheduled for June 11 – 12, 2013

In support of PTC’s broadening solutions offerings for service, the company is launching a new annual event called PTC Live Service Exchange that is focused on educational sessions for global service leaders and which will unify the PTC Arbortext, 4CS and Servigistics communities for the first time. The content provided during this 2-day event will be heavily oriented toward industry advisory sessions related to service management provided by thought leaders such as Gartner, IDC and The Aberdeen Group; several case studies will be provided by global manufacturers and will also include sessions led by PTC Solutions Managers addressing best practices for SLM. Please contact Bradley Rhoton at PTC, -, if you are interested in presenting how service is being transformed inside your organization.

PTC SLM Technical Advisory Group scheduled in Anaheim for June 13 – 14, 2013

Additionally, PTC is organizing a new dedicated user community to support the Arbortext technical information software users. Additional forums will also be provided specific to Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) technologies such as warranty and service parts management, among others. Immediately following PTC Global Live, PTC will host advisory group meetings for 2 days – at no charge for existing Arbortext users – that will provide product updates, roadmap discussions and topics that provided by the Arbortext community. The dates are scheduled for Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14. The proposed topics and agenda will follow soon. We anticipate that these Technical Advisory Groups will continue throughout the year. Please note we have a tentative plan to host a SLM Community Reception on Wednesday, June 12.

PTC Arbortext Community Online

As always, I encourage you to get online with the PTC Arbortext Community Online as we continue to add resources specific to Arbortext products as they become available and you can interact with your industry peers. As we approach the Technical Advisory Group meetings in June, you will see Arbortext, Windchill Service and Creo Illustrate product updates in preparation for the meetings. Additionally, this community will become an informational site for Service Exchange and the Technical Advisory Groups leading up to June.

Along with PTC/USER and PTC Live Service Exchange, we encourage your feedback as we strive to provide useful, relevant information related to Arbortext technology and strategy. We are always looking to provide better, valuable product information to support you in your role with Arbortext and other PTC products.

Hi Alicia,

What more can you tell us about "Immediately following PTC Global Live, PTC will host advisory group meetings for 2 days – at no charge for existing Arbortext users – that will provide product updates, roadmap discussions andtopics that provided by the Arbortext community."?

What kind of topics? Provided how? When?


Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"

The more of these “afterthought” postings that I see about Arbortext from PTC, the less interested I grow.

Anyone else getting a 404 Not found error for this

Suzanne -

When I click that link, I get the 404 of doom. The address for that link
you sent is actually: '



To quote Homer Simpson: “Stupid DNC servers…”