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Arbortext Editor error message


Arbortext Editor error message

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm facing a new problem, I was trying to open a document in
Arbortext and it shows me an Alert/Error message, it says: "editor.exe:
segment violation(signal 11)" Then, when I click the OK button,
Arbortext closes. Does anybody know what does this mean?!

As always I really appreciate your help and support.

Paulette Zorrilla

I'm sure everyone on this list has seen one of those errors before! They mean something went wrong in a really bad way inside Arbortext. You can perform a process of elimination to determine what is causing the crash (eg. remove all images from your document, remove all tables, chop the documen down, and so on, until you find what the problem was).

If you consistently encounter the error condition then you should probably file a support call with PTC anyway. They may end up asking you to do an "appsave" so the programmers can reproduce the error and fix it in a future patch release. This assumes you have an active maintenance agreement with PTC.


Of course, for segment 11 errors, there's always the "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" solution.

I'm pretty sure we have Signal 11's as "expected normal operation" at this
point in our user manual, with a reminder to our users to save early, save


Woow!! As Gareth says I think it was related with one of my lines inside de document, specifically in my Instruction. Now the Alert message doesn't appears.

Has anyone seen this message before and do you know how to raise the value?

Capacity limit IDCAP exceeded. The number of points to add is 72;
the program has already used 299952 points and the declared maximum
value is 300000

Clear as mud? I have NO idea what any of that meant, but hopefully it's


IDCAP is the maximum number of IDs in a document (I think). The reference capacity (ISO 8879:1986) is 35000. The IDCAP in my setup has been changed to 2000000.

In your catalog find the default SGML Declaration. My SGML declaration looks like this (Custom for JCALS; [ArbortextInstallPath]\doctypes\catalog has the Arbortext default declaration):

SGMLDECL "custom/entities/jcals.sgml.dcl"

Open the file specified and change the value of IDCAP:

Here is an annotated copy of the SGML declaration that I got from the AF-TMSS (AF-Technical Manuals Standards and Specifications). The notes are quite handy:

!SGML "ISO 8879:1986"
-- JCALS SGML declaration --

BASESET "ISO 646-1983//CHARSET International Reference Version
(IRV)//ESC 2/5 4/0"
9 2 9
13 1 13
14 18 UNUSED
32 95 32
127 1 UNUSED

BASESET "ISO Registration Number 100//CHARSET
ECMA-94 Right Part of Latin Alphabet Nr. 1//ESC 2/13 4/1"
160 5 32
165 1 UNUSED
166 88 38
254 1 127
255 1 UNUSED

CAPACITY SGMLREF -- Default to Reference Capacity Set --
-- unless specified here --
TOTALCAP 3500000 -- TOTAL of individual capacity points --
ENTCAP 100000 -- ENTities defined --
ENTCHCAP 500000 -- CHaracters of ENTity text --
GRPCAP 2000000 -- Tokens at any level in a content model --
ATTCAP 1000000 -- ATTributes defined --
IDCAP 2000000 -- ID attributes specified --
IDREFCAP 3500000 -- IDREF attributes specified --
AVGRPCAP 100000 -- tokens defined in an Attribute Value name GRouP --

-- ********************************************************************
Reference capacities are as follows:

TOTALCAP 35000 TOTAL of individual capacity points
ENTCAP 70000 ENTities defined
ENTCHCAP 35000 CHaracters of ENTity text
ELEMCAP 35000 ELEMents defined
GRPCAP 35000 Tokens at any level in a content model
EXGRPCAP 35000 EXclusions or inclusions defined
EXNMCAP 35000 NaMes in an EXclusion or inclusion
ATTCAP 35000 ATTributes defined
ATTCHCAP 35000 CHaracters of default ATTribute value
AVGRPCAP 35000 tokens defined in an Attribute Value name GRouP
NOTCAP 35000 NOTations defined
NOTCHCAP 35000 CHaracters in a NOTation
IDCAP 35000 ID attributes specified
IDREFCAP 35000 IDREF attributes specified
MAPCAP 35000 short reference MAPs declared
LKSETCAP 35000 link types or LinK SETs defined
LKNMCAP 35000 document types or elements in a LinK declaration

Thanks Andy.

As has already been pointed out, this is an old SGML restriction. Early in
the days of Adept and smaller computers, the capacities contained in the
SGML Declaration were very critical. Now, they tend to be annoying messages
that really have no impact (that I have been able to discern) on your

Andy is right that you can go into your default declaration and change the

I did find an old (from 1997 when XML was the 'new kid on the block')
comparison. One paragraph discusses the declaration use for XML. Under the
CAPACITIES header is a note that 'capacities are not restricted in XML'.
Check this page

We get that ID capacity error occasionally with some of our files, the larger ones, obviously. We have some ACL that runs automagically and puts IDs on a lot of potential link targets, including table rows. This "error" has never caused any problems, probably since, like Lynn says, capacities are not restricted in XML.
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