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Arbortext S1000D modules


Arbortext S1000D modules


What modules are required to cretae and update manuals like Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Structural Repair Manual (SRM), Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM), Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue (AIPC), Software Configuration Manual (SCM), etc., through Web Enabled IETM?




You should contact PTC direct sales or a local partner, PTC sells a complete solution stack for S1000D. There is a legacy S1000D solution based on LBS software, but we would recommend the new Windchill-based CSDB - read more here: Aerospace and Defense | PTC.

I think the complete PTC solution stack for what you're asking about would be:

1. Windchill PDMLink (base software for product data & content management)

2. Windchill Service Information Manager for S1000D (module for regular S1000D DMs)

3. Windchill Service Parts for S1000D (module for S1000D IPD DMs)

4. Arbortext Editor (content authoring)

5. Arbortext ISODraw (2D illustrations)

6. Creo Illustrate (3D illustrations)

7. Arbortext Publishing Engine (PDF & other output)

8. Servigistics InService for A&D (IETM output)

Good information Gareth, however, from his nomenclature (AMM, SRM,  WDM) those are identifications for ATA iSpec 2200 and this is a different and non-S1000D structure. However, some aircraft manufacturers have used S1000D for commercial iSpec 2200 so you might check to see exactly what standards you are using.

I was confused as well, Ray, and good clarification. Hopefully Dhinesh has what he needs now.

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Those sound like manual types from the ATA ispec 2200 standard. Do you wish to do S1000D or ATA?


S1000D allows you to create the same kinds of publications using publication modules which are collections of data modules.




Ian Boulton.

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