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Arbortext and Windows 7


Arbortext and Windows 7

Well, it didn't take very long...

We've had our first query about using Arbortext Editor on Windows 7,
specifically 5.2 M040. I checked the PTC Support website and didn't see
any references to the compatibility of the various Arbortext products
and Windows 7.

Has anyone evaluated Arbortext on Windows 7? If so, what version of
Arbortext and what version of Windows 7? What were the results?



David S. Taylor

Project Manager, Structured Information
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council Canada
Bldg. M-23A, Room 239
1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6


I've been using Arbortext 5.4 M010 on Windows 7 with no apparent problems.

Autumn Cuellar

Design Science


We wanted to provide an update on Arbortext's support on Windows 7. The
QA department has been actively testing against the beta release of
Windows 7 for the past several months and are continuing to test against
the released version.

We are planning for Arbortext Editor and Styler 5.4 to officially
support Windows 7 in Calendar Q1 2010. We expect that earlier releases
of Editor and Styler will work, however we are not currently planning on
supporting 5.3 or earlier releases.

This message may contain forward looking information subject to change
without notice.

Please feel free to contact me with additional questions.



Susan Fort

Product Manager - Solutions and Marketing Group, PTC

O: 937.743.9091
M: 937.707.0302

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