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Arbortext editor Select Element


Arbortext editor Select Element

Hi, I use Arbortext Editor 6.0.

Off and on my editor stops selecting entire elements and I am wondering if anyone knows of a shortcut to get it to Select Element again? I have to restart the editor when it happens, but in the earlier version (Epic) I had a short cut for when it happened - I expect it is a bug of sorts.

To specify, it is when I want to select an element with Shift and down or right arrows. It stops and wil only select one charachter at a time. I can choose it from the menu though, but I need the editor to get the settings right.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Maybe a way to make my own shortcut via the command line?


Does using crtl+l (the letter el) allow you to again select elements?

This causes the screen to redraw.

What view are you working in, the Edit Window, the DocMap, or other?

Do you receive any error messages?

If you right-click, then can you select "Select element"?

Can you select the element by hitting ctrl+e twice in succession? (This will continue up the ancsetory tree)

Can you triple click on some content of the element and get it to select the element?

(Double clicking selects the content. Double clicking on the element tag selects the element)

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for you suggestions. I have been sick, so sorry for my late reply.

As the problem occurs on and off and I have no idea what causes it, I will have to wait for it to happen again to see if any of the above applies.

Will it make any difference if I can double or triple click? I need to be able to use the keyboard shortcuts that are missing to be working efficiently.

More on this later,


Using ctrl+e may be the best solution for you, since you appear to like avoiding use of the mouse.


Yes, it would, if I needed everything in the element. That won't work for me though, because when using shift and the arrows I can choose how many elements I need to cut out of a large document. If I use Ctrl+e it takes everything.

I mainly use the function, where I need to change headings/leves to a lower number. I cut it out to Word, where I run a macro with a keyboard shutcut and paste in the previous heading/level. It only takes a second and is a routine I do many times in certain types of documents.

As mentioned, the earlier version (Epic) had a shortcut to fix it when it stopped selecting entire elements. We used Shift+F4, but that keymap might have been modified. I have no idea what the function was called, we (the end users) just called it 'include elements'.

There is no warning or sign when it stops working, and I believe I use the left-right split mode with both Edit view and Document Map (toggle viewmode), but work in Edit view unless it is tables that has crashed.

And, yes, I try to avoid using the mouse as much as possible 😉

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I'm not certain about Shift+F4, as that used to unspan table cells.

Perhaps you have a custom ACL script set to modify the keymappings? If you're certain the older version had this, you can use the preference


to bring it back. The Help Center shows exactly what is different between that version and the current one:

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