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Arbortext pure virtual function call error


Arbortext pure virtual function call error

Hello everybody,

I have faced frequently the following error message on my Arbortext Editor:


I have read the posted discussions and tried some interim solutions such as:

- Increased the virtual memory size ;

- Updated the Arbortext version to v 6.0 M090

Even though the error persists.

Any other ideas what is going on?


Rogério Rodrigues (plisk)


I don't know that there is any single cause for this. There's quite a few SPRs on PTC support site referencing this error. Looks like it's been fixed several times which leads me to believe this is a multi-purpose exception and is a bug with the software.

I would do an appsave of your environment with a sample file that recreates the error and submit a bug report to PTC.

In the meantime, you can try to see what part of your environment is triggering the message by testing the following:

Is this happening on every file? If not, what's different about the files where it is happening versus those where it is not.

What action(s) are you performing when the error occurs? (i.e. publishing, editing, etc.)


Hi Jeff,

thanks for the answer. I didn't realize I hadn't turned on the notifications for this thread, so sorry

for the long time on replying back.

- It happens no matter what the file I'm editing ;

- The error message occurs mainly when editing a file.

When you say "do an appsave", does it mean to somehow generate a log file with the error messages?

is there any specific way to do that on Arbortext?

I'm currently bypassing this limitation generating regular backups from the content (i.e. copying and pasting the contents from the SGML direct in a Notepad++ section)



Hi Rogerio,

I agree you should file a technical support case with an appsave. Click the following link to learn how to do an appsave. Use what you capture from this when filing a support case. Be sure to include the snapshot of the error message as well.


Jerry Tippie

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