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Attribute Content Right Align


Attribute Content Right Align

Could anyone give pointers on how to Right Align attribute content?

My client in legal publishing is using manual numbering because there is no logic to their numbering e.g. (ii) may be followed by (v)

The number is captured with label attribute in xml as follows:

<subPara hangIndent="yes" indent="lowerroman 4 character" label="(ii)">

<body>in which the testator was, at the time of the execution of the

will or at the time of his death, domiciled or habitually resident;



To output the number, Gentext for the subPara is captured as follows:

<_gte:AttributeContent occur="1" scope="subPara" attr="label"/>

The challenge is aligning the Gentext (AttributeContent) Right as illustrated below:





Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I don't think Styler will do that out of the box. You may need to apply FOSI or APP overrides depending on which formatting engine you are using.

FOSI has a "side by side" alignment feature for this, and APP has alignment tabs for this.


Styler 6.0 added a Side by Side tab. Honestly, I'm not sure how to use it in the context of a list's item number/label. Mine are all upgraded FOSI source edit algroups (the FOSI side by side Gareth mentioned).

I would try to create a User Formatting Element, wrap the gentext element with it, and format the UFE using the Side by Side tab.

Also, if you haven't solved this or moved on already, is to join the Adepters mailing list where lots and lots of Arbortext users, admins, and developers hang out 24/7/365. Information on joining that list (as well as pointers to lots of other Arbortext resources) can be found here:

See also:

Good luck!

Thank you guys - am experinmenting with UFE and Side by Side