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Changing settings when multiple


Changing settings when multiple

Sorry this is my first postin this website.


I use ACL code to automatically set the language of a document based on the language attribute of the root element. For example:

if (oid_attr(oid_first(), "lang")) == "en") {

set language=english


else if (oid_attr(oid_first(), "lang")) == "fr") {

set language=french


When more than 1 Epic window is opened, the language is set for all Epic windows. This is a problem when working with 2 documents in 2 different languages. The user has to manualreset the correct language of the other document.

Is there a way in ACL to apply the setting in only the active Epic window and not change the setting ofthe other Epic windows.

Thank you


Some options have both a session/global and a local scope, such that
they can be set differently for individual documents, windows or views.
The "language" option, however, does not support a local scope. You can
confirm this by typing 'eval option_scope("language")' at the Editor
command line. At least in 5.2, this returns "global", which means there
is no local scope for the option. If the option did support local
scope, you could use "set -local language=english" to set it.

That said, you could start a separate session/instance of Arbortext
Editor. This can be accomplished by using the "-newinstance" command
line option (that's the operating system command line, not Editor's
command line) when starting Editor.

Alternatively, you might be able to setup your ACL to switch languages
every time the window focus changes, but that approach seems like it
might be problematic, at best.

Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer.

Brandon Ibach
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Cape Canaveral, FL