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Character strings with no end-of-string asciicharacter


Character strings with no end-of-string asciicharacter

Easier, but then the rest of us wouldn't learn from it... 😄

Steve Thompson


I'm not entirely certain which template string you should use for each
of the cases you mention.  Which ones have you tried and what was the
result?  As for the "unused byte", do you mean a byte of data that
doesn't need to be written to the file, a byte in the file that
doesn't come from any data in your application or some other meaning?

I have never attempted to do anything like what you're doing.  My
answers to your questions are based on reading the relevant
documentation and experimenting.  Having given you some pointers in
the right direction, I sincerely hope that you have done the same to
the greatest extent possible, resorting to follow-up questions only
when you have exhausted all of your own resources to resolve the

As noted by Steve and Ed, my email address is included with every
message I send to the list, but I help others here as a way to give
back to the community, from which I have also received help in the
past.  I happen to make my living working for a company that stays in
business, and pays me, largely from fees collected for private
consulting work in this very field.  Unless I have written you
privately or offered to help you with your problem off-list, you are
presuming a commitment on my part to providing this same service to
you for free.

If you require private consulting, I'll be happy to put you in touch
with our sales team.  We offer training, too. 🙂

-Brandon 🙂

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 10:36 AM, Andy Leslie
<> wrote:
> Hi Brendon,
> I need to convert to Big Endian 16bit unsigned integer.
> Is this pack("n*", buf) ? or should I use S* ? The value could be 64
> I also need to convert to Big Endian 32bit unsigned integer.
> Is this pack("N*",buf) ? Value could be 0, 1 or  2.
> Furthermore, how do I specify an unused byte ?
> Many Thanks,
> What is your email address ? - be easier than working through the forum.
> Many Thanks
> Andy
> ----------
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