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Command line reference for isodraw 7


Command line reference for isodraw 7


Currently we are working on some projects and have done almost 50 macros for our requirements. We have about 22 systems that have been installed with Isodraw 7. The problem is

I have a set of icon (.ico) files, obviously 50 for the 50 macros. I have to link all these icons to the respective macros which has been divided into their respective applications. For example, macros related to mechanical engineering form a group and that of electrical form another group. The total number of groups is about 6 and all have been set as toolbars from the Window\Toolbars... menu.

Now, what I want is, is there any command line reference guide where I can create a batch file to do all this so that I dont have to do this work for all the 22 systems. You know how difficult it would be to do it manually, and there are chances of mixing up with the macros and the icons.

Please help on this whether i could get a command line reference guide so that i can create the above said batch files and just run it on each system.

Thanks in advance

K.S.Senthil kumar



you could have a look at the file ToolbarPreferences.prf in the IsoDraw Application Data folder.
Although not intended for manual customisation it is human readable. It contains all toolbar
definitions of the user and the paths to the icons (ToolbarUserItem, the negative number is
the "picid" used in the ToobarItem definitions).
I think it could be worth to try to copy/merge this file to the target systems/users.
... at your own risk of course! (Be careful not to mess up existing Toolbar/Item Id's)

The ToolbarPreferences.prf file is a good direction to move in. We've been using that for quite a while. As a tip however, I wouldn't recommend manually changing it. That's really not necessary.

Instead, set up your computer like you want all of the computers set up. Then, from within IsoDraw, go to Window | Toolbars... | New. Set up your toolbars using the built-in interface. Once you have everything set up, close IsoDraw. You can then copy your prf file. It will maintain all your settings. Only thing I go in and change is whether a toolbar is docked or not.

My new recommendation (just implemented this within the last month) is to make a folder similar to this (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTC\IsoDraw\Toolbar_Thumbs). Put all your thumbnails here.

The reason I did this was that we have users who do not have admin rights (I used to place the thumbnails in the Macro folder in the install directory). To avoid this in the future I use the All Users account. All other files (preferences, macros, templates, DTDs, library files go in the user account (C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\PTC\IsoDraw).

The dispersement is done daily. Each computer has a copy of the attached vbs script in their startup (note that you'll need to specify your paths in the script). This ends up calling a batch file (rename the attached txt with bat). This will take some setup, but I have a network location with the following folders: Batch_File (this is where the bat is kept), Macros, DTD, Icons, Library_Window, Templates, and Preferences. All files are place appropriately.

Hope this helps.