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Composing PDF in Epic Editor 5.1


Composing PDF in Epic Editor 5.1

Hi Experts,

We are facing issue while composing a PDF file from XML manual and we are able to compose PDF file at chapter level but as a whole manual we are not able to compose PDF. Please assist me on this.

Please find the attached file for the composer log.


From the error log, it means that the PE Request Manager received the request from the client, allocated a PE Sub-process, and told the sub-process to start work.

The sub-process didn’t return the result it was supposed to produce to the Request Manager before the configured “maximum busy interval” elapsed. (We ship with this value set to 30 minutes.)

Therefore the Request Manager decided that the sub-process was either hung or looping, and killed it.

It’s possible, of course, that the sub-process is indeed hung or looping; it’s also possible that the sub-process was simply doing work that would require 31 minutes, 45 minutes, twelve hours, or whatever to complete.

The solution is to modify the maximum busy interval and restart PE.

To do this, set the ‘maxBusyInterval’ attribute on the default sub-process pool in e3config.xml; the value is in seconds, so to raise the timeout from the default 30 minutes to 1 hour, code maxBusyInterval=”3600”.

You can also turn off the hung sub-process detector entirely by coding maxBusyInterval=”0”.

Hope this helps.

Pushpinder Toor

Hi Pushpinder,

Thanks for your reply.

I checked the e3config.xml file in PE, but I din't find any "maxBusyInterval". Please suggest me to proceed further.


Hi Hiran,

I do not have a 5.1 environment around to review any longer, but in that same file Pushpinder mentioned (e3config.xml), look for the subprocesspool named pool-default (names might be slightly different, I'm reviewing a newer version) and add the attribute to the element instantiating the default pool.

Your best bet, if that doesn't solve this, is to join the Adepters mailing list where lots and lots of Arbortext users, admins, and developers hang out 24/7/366 (it is a leap year, you know!). Information on joining that list (as well as pointers to lots of other Arbortext resources) can be found here:

See also:

Good luck!

Thanks Paul for you valuable information.

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