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DITA Map printed output : Styler 5.3 M030


DITA Map printed output : Styler 5.3 M030


We have a DITA specialization of S1000D.

To publish a book we are using a DITA bookmap. I am using my own custom .style file to render the PDF output.

I am having a problem with the bookmap booktitle, backmatter and indexlist printing twice.

Here is the bookmap XML

<mainbooktitle>Main Book Title</mainbooktitle>
<chapter href="C:\Documents" and=" settings\user\desktop\index=" emphasis\merged\26_index.xml&quot;=" navtitle="Ice" and=" rain&quot;=" scope="local" type="chapter">

My style file has rules for booktitle, backmatter, indexlist.

Any idea why they would print twice? I am not any styles from the


JR Ketelsen


If you were using FOSI, I would guess that the contents are being saved
as text variables and then emitted as text later, with the elements
themselves not being suppressed. Since I don't know anything about
Styler, this may or may not also be applicable. Do the contents of
these tags appear immediately after the tags, or together at the end of
the book, or somewhere else?


Thanks for the reply. I, too, am more versed in dark arts of FOSI.

The duplicated pages appear at the end of the rendered instance.

I am continuing to work the possible problems.

I will report back when I figure this out.

JR Ketelsen

One possible issue has to do with the three sections in the Resolved
Document for Styling (RDS). You should "hide" the third "FattenedMap"
section. You may or may not want to hide the second "ReferredTopics"
section. You don't want to hide all of the first "ResolvedMap" section.
The RDS is described in the online help for Styler (not the Editor, but
Styler) under "Working with the resolved document" under "Styling DITA

Some other things to consider:

You have rules for booktitle, but not for mainbooktitle?

booktitle is a specialization of title and so would fallback to title if
booktitle is unstyled, but it doesn't sound like that is the case here.
mainbooktitle is a specialization of ph and so would fallback to ph, if
mainbooktitle is unstyled, and it sounds like that might be happening

Is the title text being emitted inline or is it being saved in a UFE and
emitted later or both? You don't want both. To avoid having the title
emitted inline it needs to be "hidden". Similar issues apply to
backmatter and possibly indexlist.

The Styler window should indicate if an element is an unstyled
specialization or not.

You can create a generalized version of the Resolved Document for
Styling (RDS) from your bookmap document and look at the elements to see
what the Styler stylesheet is actually working on. This will show you
what fallback processing, if any, has been done and also show you want
is in each of the three main sections of the RDS.

To get a generalized version of the RDS, issue the following command
from the command window (you may have to enable the command window from
the preferences dialog, if it isn't enabled already):

EditDitaRDSGeneralized (case matters)

The version of the RDS produced from the Edit-->Edit Resolved
Document-->For Styling menu item is an ungeneralized version
(generalized means that the unstyled elements have fallen back to their
styled base versions, if any, while ungeneralized means that no fallback
processing has taken place).

-Jeff Ogden

PTC/Arbortext DITA Development Lead