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EPS display in PDF with 6.1


EPS display in PDF with 6.1

I have a simple question for the group before I report a possible bug in

I was 'publishing' a large file using the print composer in Epic Editor
('Publish>PDF File'). The file has fifty or so graphics that are EPS files,
NONE of them are displaying. When I do the same thing with Epic 6.0 the EPS
files are now processed and display properly in the PDF output.

I also have had an issue with GIF display and processing with 6.1. I only
have one GIF but it goes on the cover page so its absence is noticed. In
Epic Editor, the GIF does not display BUT there is space allocated for the
graphic (unlike when Epic cannot find a graphic and we just see an icon
saying file not allowed or not found).

Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so what was the remedy. If
no one has seen this, then I'll report it as a bug to PTC.

Many thanks.


Just for additional data, if nothing else, have you tried Print Preview to see if the graphics are visible there? Sometimes you also get more detailed error information from Arbortext Editor/PrintCompsoer when you do Print Preview.

Also, make sure set usedistiller=on.


I have been testing 6.1 here and use EPS file for my graphics. They have been working so far for me.