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Editor 5.3 error but not 5.1


Editor 5.3 error but not 5.1

I have a user that we upgraded from 5.1H to 5.3 M050. He gets errors
messages, like there is no cataloge set or browse for it. (error: [A15001]
Unable to load document type due to errors parsing XML Schema: "C:\Program
Files\Arbortext\Editor\doctypes\xliff\xliff.xsd") asking to Browse for
Schema. If you do, it loops around again. The file it asks for is identical
on all machines (I did a diff).

If he goes to another machine same thing (even on machines where it works
for other writer). It seems like there is something wrong or corrupt in this
profile (Windows). I find this really weird! Anyone experience this before.


"Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake
when you make it again."
-Franklin P. Jones

If his Windows home directory is on the network somewhere, his epic.wcf
file could have a catalog path setting that is causing problems.


Thank you...

That was not it, unless it requires a reboot. I did not do that.


This sounds like the error we get if the user's APTCATPATH environment
variable value doesn't include a "%D" entry, which Editor replaces with
the location of its own catalog. Without a reference to this catalog,
Editor will not function properly at all, as it relies upon several DTDs
and/or schemas (such as the one for XUI) that are included with the

Brandon Ibach
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Cape Canaveral, FL

I thought about that, Brandon, but he said that the problem followed the
user from PC to PC. If the APTCATPATH environment variable is set as a
system variable, it should be the same for every user on that PC.
That's why I thought about the epic.wcf file. Maybe if it is a user
variable and somehow this value gets set per user, then the lack of %D
in the value for that particular user might cause this. I'd be
interested to know the final solution to this one.