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Editor fails to save, creates filename#3v8r5y.xml


Editor fails to save, creates filename#3v8r5y.xml

I don't have the exact failure message, but will add it the next time this
happens. The string after the # varies but the one above is real. I have not
detected a pattern in the appended string. A subsequent save will update the
file named on disk. Editor window title retains original file name
(filename.xml). Closing the file or Editor restores "normal" behavior.

Has anyone seen this?

It just started happening to me yesterday. I am presently in the paranoid
superstitious gremlin-suspecting phase. Strange PE behavior with what seem
to be pretty basic FOSI changes. (Editor is hitting a different FOSI.)

Paul Nagai

Hi Paul,

We run into this occasionally as well. And we don't have any idea
what's going on, either.

Our best guess is that Arbortext thinks that the original file is locked
elsewhere and cannot be written over. That doesn't make any sense,
because Arbortext itself locks the file when opening it the first time.
And we're pretty confident that no one else had the file open
simultaneously. Might there be something buggy about how Arbortext
locks / releases the lock on files?

Does the problem occur when editing a file on a Windows network share?
(That's true for us, but then again we edit every file over a network

We're using 5.3 m040.


5.3 m110. The files are local. I think Windows memory problems are at least
partly to blame in my situation. Running without Outlook or other
unnecessary apps but especially Outlook seems to at least reduce the
frequency with which this is/was occurring.

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