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Editor hangs using text entity pull-down


Editor hangs using text entity pull-down


We have documents that use text entities extensively. One referenced text entity file has more than 175,000 entity declarations (not intended for authors to use or insert). However, when you try to pull down the toolbar text entity list, the editor hangs and has to be killed with task manager. If you, instead, open the text entity dialog box, it does open and is usable. Anyone know of any way to limit what goes into the pull-down list? Or, is this likely a PTC case?


Using AE 5.4 patch M100.

I'm not surprised at not getting a response to this issue. So, I'm going to ask a different question. How can I increase the amount of memory available to the editor to possibly alleviate this problem? Is the "set javavmmemory" command going to help? Is there some other setting I can manipulate?


Hi David,

The "set javavmmemory" sets the heap space available to Java code running in
the Arbortext JVM only (equivalent to "java -Xmx" command line). I doubt it
would help, unless you have Java customisations which are processing the

If you are running 32-bit Windows then Arbortext Editor itself will have 2GB
memory space available to it (like any other Win32 process). If you are
running 64-bit Windows then you can run 64-bit Arbortext 6.0 and have a much
larger memory space available.

When your Editor "freezes" with the large document is it actually due to the
fact that it runs out of memory? Or is it just that the CPU is taking a long
time to process all the entities? You could check with Windows Task Manager
or download Process Explorer to see what the epic.exe/editor.exe process is
actually doing.

// Gareth Oakes

// Chief Architect

// GPSL (

Hi Gareth,

Thanks for your reply. So, even though I'm on a 64-bit W7 machine with 4GB of memory, the editor will never be able to use more than 2 GB (task manager indicates it's using about 300MB of private working set memory, whatever that is)? In task manager, one of the processors is maxed out, but total memory usage stays at around 2GB. If I wait long enough, I do get control of the editor back, but it never displays the pull-down list.

I was looking for some way to get more of the available memory thinking that would speed things up. But, it sounds like only Arbortext Editor 6 will help?


I have been assured by PTC that the 64-bit Arbortext Editor on a 64-bit Windows 7 PC will be able to handle much larger files than than the 32-bit Editor. However, only Arbortext Editor 6.0 or above has a 64-bit version that can be installed. 64-bit
Editor is not available in older Editor versions.

Hi Dave,

You are right that a 32-bit application such as Arbortext Editor < 6.0 will
have trouble accessing more than 2GB of memory.

Apparently, if PTC built the EXE file with the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE linker
flag then Windows 7 x64 should automatically make 3GB available for the
process. It sounds like you're hitting a 2GB limit though, so maybe they did
not make Editor 3GB compatible.

More info here: