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Encrypted PDFs


Encrypted PDFs


We're using PE 5.3 Patch M190 to generate direct-to-PDF output. We have a requirement to deliver secure PDFs - you can open and read, but cannot save or copy/paste. Does anyone know if Arbortext supports this in any version of PE. If not, can someone recommend a third-party batch tool that could be inserted in the process to secure a PDF.

Dave Hintz

Hi Dave--

I'm not sure about 5.3, but I know in 5.4 you can control these options
by setting up a custom PDF config file. I don't have a copy of 5.3
handy, so I'm afraid you'll have to check for yourself if these options
are available there as well. See the extensive comments in the pdfconfig
DTD file (found in $EDITOR/doctypes/pdfconfig/pdfconfig.dtd) for details
on how to set attributes to control the various security settings.
Here's a snippet from the 5.4 version:

Acrobat allows certain features to be restricted in its UI. The

features that can be disabled are:

* noprint: Acrobat will prevent printing the file.

* nomodify: Acrobat will prevent users from adding form

fields or making any other changes.

* nocopy: Acrobat will prevent copying and extracting

text or graphics, and will disable the

accessibility interface

* noannots: Acrobat will prevent adding or changing

comments or form fields.

* noforms: Acrobat will prevent form field filling, even

if noannots has not been specified.

* noaccessible: Acrobat will prevent extracting text or

graphics for accessibility purposes (such as a

screenreader program)

* noassemble: Acrobat will prevent inserting, deleting, or

rotating pages and creating bookmarks and

thumbnails, even if nomodify has not been


* nohiresprint: Acrobat will prevent high-resolution printing.

If noprint has not been specified printing is

restricted to the 'print as image' feature

which prints a low-resolution rendition of

the page.


Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant


Thanks, Clay! We've been putting off upgrading to 5.4, so this might be a good reason.
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