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Filter issue


Filter issue

Hi everybody,

I have an issue with some cascading filters in my bookmap:

When I apply a first filter on a topicref that is in a chapter in a part it works perfectly fine... But when I try to apply a filter on a topicref inside the filter on does not work!

If you have any suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated!




How are you filtering your topicref elements?

Are you using Arbortext Editor, or is all the filtering done in Windchill?

With a filter in a filter, what are your results versus what you expect?

A response received from Camille:


Sorry for my late answer but the Answer switch does not work...

I am filtering my topicref with Arbortext Editor (we do not use Windchill for now) and I modified the PCF file to create the filter items.

I have a part (A) containing chapters (1,2,3) both without any filters. In these chapters I have topicrefs (1.1, 1.2, 1.3...) containing other topicrefs (a, b, c...) and I apply most of my filters on these two levels according to the specifications of our products.

My problem is the following:




When I generate my document for the machine xx I want A/1/1.1/a/c but what I get is A/1/1.1/a/b/c... the generation does not respect the filters and I do not understand why.

If you profile or filter something out, then the composition system does not know that there was something filtered out. Thus all the lettering appears. The composition does not skip a letter or number, because it is filtered out prior to composition.

Did my latest answer clarify why b) is not "skipped"?

I am assuming that the content of the filtered out topic did not show is that correct?

Sorry for my (very) late answer, I do not think that you understood my mail. By the letters a, b, c I was refering to the content of my topics, not to the automatic lettering of the stylesheet.

My filter is supposed to hide the topic b, but it still appears when generating the PDF and I still get 3 topics instead of 2...

I think that the software (Arbortext Editor) is struggling to handle the filters at such sublevels (map>part>chapter>topicref>topicref).

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