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Formatter Shootout topics


Formatter Shootout topics

Greetings, Arbortext fans...

Sure to be a highlight of the Arbortext track at this year's PTC/User
Conference, the "Arbortext Formatter Shootout" will feature a panel of
experts, including Gareth Oakes (APP), Suzanne Napoleon (FOSI) and
yours truly (XSL-FO), providing overviews and answering questions
about the three main formatting technologies in the Arbortext product
line. My friend and colleague, Eric Flynn, has bravely stepped up to
moderate the session. (Or... referee the battle royal!)

The goal of the session is to provide knowledge and insight on the
relative merits of the various technologies. While this will likely
be particularly valuable for the Advanced Print Publisher (APP)
technology, which is generally little-known to much of the Arbortext
community, it has been my experience that there's almost always some
new tips and tricks to be learned, even about technologies that you
thought you knew inside and out.

But, we need your help! While the intent of the session is to take
audience questions live, the panelists would like to solicit some
topics ahead of time so that the best possible answers can be
provided. The kinds of topics we're looking for are the real-life
formatting "challenges" that Arbortext users encounter. The varied
techniques each of the technologies offer for addressing these
challenges should provide excellent insight into the differing
philosophies and approaches.

So, tell us about your toughest formatting challenges! Feel free to
write me off-list with your suggestions, if you prefer.


-Brandon 🙂