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Get Your Proposals Ready for PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas


Get Your Proposals Ready for PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas

I don't know if everyone got the email (not everyone at S3I did), but the
CFP is out for the conference next year.

The deadline for submission is November 22!

Here's the announcement from PTC:

Click here if you have trouble viewing this

Submit Your Proposal Online for PlanetPTC Live
in Las Vegas Starting October 15, 2010

Driven by one simple mission – helping PTC customers be more effective
– *PlanetPTC
Live in Las Vegas on June 12-15, 2011* will preserve the best aspects of the
former PTC/USER World Event and complement the experience with best-in-class
education, networking and access that is unmatched at any other event in our

PlanetPTC Live in Las
soon be recruiting PTC product users and PLM experts to share their
knowledge with the PTC customer community. Proposals will be accepted online
between October 15 and November 22, 2010. Of specific interest are in-depth
customer case studies and related sessions that demonstrate the successful
application of PTC solutions in real-world scenarios that empower other
users to drive value and efficiency at their organizations.

Presenters may choose from several session formats and industry topics that
represent the greatest areas of interest for PTC customers. Presentations
can address any or all members of the PTC product suite, as well as user
experience level and job role.

Presenters are currently being sought to lead breakout sessions on the
following topics:

- Leveraging PLM beyond Engineering
- Environmental Performance
- Driving to Enterprise PLM Adoption
- The Future of CAD/PLM
- The World According to PTC Users

PlanetPTC Live is primarily organized and executed by PTC, with significant
contributions by PTC/USER with regard to content planning and user

*“On behalf of PTC/USER, I encourage your participation as a presenter at
PlanetPTC Live 2011. As your user group, we are excited to contribute to the
success of this event dedicated to helping users, their organizations and
PTC gain the greatest possible return from PTC technology. Please join us as
we showcase our strength and value through the voice of the PTC customer.”*
*– PTC/USER President Ron Watson*

Click here<to">>to
learn more about PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas. Proposals must be
before November 22, 2010.

For additional information, contact

It looks like they don't have a hotel yet. I guess with unemployment so high in Las Vegas, they can wait until closer to the actual date to book a hotel.

AFAIK it's going to be in Caesar's Palace.


This is confirmed.

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Liz Fraley

> AFAIK it's going to be in Caesar's Palace.
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