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Help with Asian languages

Help with Asian languages

Hi everyone,

We're in the process of switching over to a new server (Arbortext PE 5.3 patch M190 on a Windows Server 2003) and most languages are working ok with the exception of Chinese Simplified and Korean.

I've done some comparisons of the setups between the two servers and everything from font timestamps, to ccf/pdfcf configurations to FOSI's all appear identical.

Our print doctypes are FOSI-driven. The Korean FOSI does not specify any font family names, rather just the font style, size, posture, etc. We rely on to map the Korean fonts ("windowsonly:" section):


Serif/kor -> Batang

Sanserif/kor -> Dotum

Monoser/kor -> BatangChe

Monosans/kor -> DotumChe

We have manually reinstalled the Batang and Golim TrueType font collections (which include the above named fonts) and rebooted the server. We continue to get errors from the direct-to-PDF log, such as:

Cannot load font: Batang, type=SYS, encoding=unicode, tfm=Batang.rrru

We have identical setups for Japanese and simplified Chinese, but these work fine. Also, our traditional Chinese FOSI uses font family names, and it works as well.

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide,
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Help with Asian languages


If anyone has any ideas or can suggest places to look, we'd appreciate your help. Kristian is a co-developer of mine at Siemens. As he said, we've mirrored our old server setup on the new server, but cannot get Korean (and sometimes simplified Chinese) to find the fonts. We think we've tried everything, but obviously are missing some setting.


Dave Hintz

Help with Asian languages

Have you run a composition from PE Interactive? Sometimes you get better
error reporting there.

Have you enabled APTFONTCONFIGLOG? Maybe that would show you something
interesting. Try it on both client and server (although honestly, I can't
remember if works for both).

In switching servers, did your operating system change? We've been bitten by
font changes, or rather OS changes related to fonts on upgrades in the past.
Notably, it is damn near impossible to UNinstall some fonts we wanted to
replace with our own. The OS just keeps putting them back from a CAB file or
some such.

Help with Asian languages

Hi David and Kristian-

In the past I've had problems with bad font metric files that caused
certain fonts to not work correctly. The solution was to copy the font
metric files from a machine where they work correctly onto the machine
that is having problems. Try this:

1) On the machine that prints correctly, locate the Arbortext cache
directory. (You can use the doc_cache_dir() function to help with that.)
In that directory will be a subdirectory called "fonts". Inside that
directory should be some *.afm and *.tfm files. Assuming you find files
corresponding to the Batang and Dotum fonts you are having trouble with,
grab the files from the good machine.

2) Transfer those font files over to the machine that is giving you
problems. On the bad machine, back up the font metric files for the bad
fonts, and replace them with the ones you copied from the good machine.

3) Try printing on the bad machine and see if you've succeeded in
making it a good machine.



Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant