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Hiding Empty Table Row in print FOSI


Hiding Empty Table Row in print FOSI


We are using CALS TABLE in our Arbortext Editor 5.3 based customized product. We would like to hide emptyrow within the Table in the print preview. For this purpose, we have defined <row> element in the print FOSI as shown below:

<e-i-c gi="row">
<specval attname="eriCustom::isRowNotEmpty" attloc="SYSTEM-FUNC" attval="0">
<suppress sup="1">

So, ACL function actually checks if row is empty or not. If it is empty, we are using suppress to suppress the row in the print. But, actually it does not suppress the row in the print preview. We can still see empty row in the print preview. We want that it should appear in the print preview like there is no row at all.

If youhave come across any such situation and solved it, please share the same with me. It is really important to us to have this solution as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Girish Kumar


Tables, like graphics, are mostly handled by Arbortext Editor directly, rather than by the FOSI. In this situation, I'm thinking that the row height of empty rows could be temporarily set to 0 by a pre-print ACL process that adds the markup to the document before it is formatted. <disclaimer>I have not tried this and cannot promise that it will work. But a pre-print ACL process is often used for such purposes.</disclaimer>

Good Luck!
Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"



You've already got an ACL function defined to trigger on <row> and determine if it's empty returninga "0" if it is and "1" if it is not. Before returning the "0", you can insert into the document, a PI after the <row> start tag.

The down side of this is that you're modifying your document. Consequently, you need to add code to test if the <row> already has a PI instruction setting the row height to 0. If you don't, everytime you initialize your document or refresh the gentext, you'll add another PI to the <row>, or you may get an error saying that the PI already exists. (haven't tested it) Also, if your code returns a "1" (it's not empty), you want to remove the PI if it exists since you're not trying to suppress the content anymore.

Like Suzanne mentioned, the Editor handles the tableformatting automatically. To alter the format, you have to do something to the document content.

This is the PI to collapse the <row>. If it is empty, you will not see any trace of the <row>.

The Print Preview will respond to this instruction, as well.

Hope this Helps,



I came across an Arbortext Editor environment variable that seems like it might work for your situation. The Arbortext Editor Help information is below. <disclaimer>I have not tried this.</disclaimer>

BTW: It seem to me that sometimes in Arbortext Editor, a non-zero amount works when zero does not. If tableminimumemptyrowheight=0pt doesn't work, try tableminimumemptyrowheight=0.001pt

And please let us know the solution you end up using.

Good luck!
Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"

set tableminimumemptyrowheight= dimen
This command determines the default composed height
for empty table rows. The default value is 15 pt. Specify the numeric
value and the unit of measure. Allowable units of measure are:
     * in — inches (the default)
     * cm — centimeters
     * mm — millimeters
     * pt — points
     * pi or pc — picas
     * px — pixels
set tableminimumemptyrowheight=10cm
set tableminimumemptyrowheight=350pt

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