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How to embed Arbortext editor into browser?


How to embed Arbortext editor into browser?


Is there a way to embed Arbortext editor into browser? so we can
seamlessly edit content located on the server. I know we need activex
control for IE, or plugin in for Firefox. Is there such a ActiveX/plugin



Is there a specific reason you would want to edit in a browser window? That
seems to be a bit counter productive.

Off the top of my head, I would say it probably won't work. Obtaining a
license would probably be the biggest problem. But it is an interesting

As to working with files on a server, Epic can handle that. I don't have a
'sever' per se here, but I do have a small network and I am able to work
files from unmapped network drives with no problem. Of course, one has to
know the full server path to get to the files, but from my days when working
around a large network and a couple of servers, the 'file open' would allow
me to access any file I had rights to on the network.

Then I wasn't burdened by the overhead of a browser.



The Editor is not packaged to run as an ActiveX control in current

People will be able to run the upcoming 5.4 release of the Editor as an
ActiveX control. Our target date for this release is second quarter of

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC

If the content he is referring to is on a web server, you could possibly
use WebDAV to access this content. I believe Editor can use WebDAV
resources, and you can pass a URI to an open or edit command.

Hope that helped, just tossing ideas around...

-Jason A. Buss

Hi Lynn,

We are trying to integrate Epic with a web based CMS. The content(file)
will be generated and send to Epic from the app server. And the end user
of Epic is not able to aware where the file is. Without it, Epic can
only rely on file system to provide the file.
Take a look at this ActiveX control for MS office:

We are looking forward to it. Hopefully it will have similar or more
function as this one

not sure how to use WebDAV...