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How to point to .aptcache\zc\1\custom\lib from siteprefs.xml


How to point to .aptcache\zc\1\custom\lib from siteprefs.xml

Hi All,

Using Arbortext 5.4, I want to set up a centralized zipped configuration. I have set up a deploy
directory, as instructed in the documentation, with the APTDEPLOYPATH variable pointing to it. The
site directory in this deploy directory contains the siteprefs.xml and the file. So far
so good. Now in the siteprefs.xml file I want to point to the APTMENUFILE environment variable at
our custom menu configuration file Let's say that this file lives under custom\lib.

The documentation says "For any preference that has a path in it’s value, you can use a special %S
character in the path to represent the .aptcache\site\lib directory." Now that's fine, except that
I guess this refers to a compact installation, while this is a full installation and the zipped
customization is unpacked to something like C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings
\Application Data\PTC\Arbortext\Editor\.aptcache\zc\1.

Does anyone know of a similar "special character" or other method that I can use in the
siteprefs.xml file to point to the cache directory where the custom directory is actually stored (

<variable name="APTMENUFILE" value="????\"/">


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