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Inserting custom PIs


Inserting custom PIs


In Epic, when you bring up the insert markup window (5.2, patch M130), you can select "PIs" from the "Mode" pull-down. Then you get a nice set of Arbortext-supplied PIs to choose from. I'd like to add our own custom PIs to that list, but I can't find any documentation about how to do that -- or if it's even possible.

Anyone know?

Dave Hintz

Hi Dave,

Not sure if this is what you are looking to accomplish, but we have done
something similar by using ACL to create a custom menu and menu items for
each custom PI that we want to insert.

if (!menu_exists(".Custom")) {
menu_add -menu -before .Help "Custom";
menu_add ".Custom." "A4 Page Size" \
-cmd {insert_pi "pgsize A4";}
menu_add ".Custom." "A7 Page Size" \
-cmd {insert_pi "pgsize A7";}
menu_add ".Custom." "8.5x11 Page Size" \
-cmd {insert_pi "pgsize 8.5x11";}
menu_add ".Custom." "Print Ready w/ Crop Marks" \
-cmd {insert_pi "cropmarks yes";}

Ryan Lubben | Senior XML Developer
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Ken Cook Co. | 9929 West Silver Spring Drive | Milwaukee, WI 53225 | |

There is an ACL file in ...Arbortext\Editor\packages\main (Arbortext 5.2
M060) which is named "_markupdlg.acl". I don't know how this is
invoked, or if you could override it in your own custom directory or
anything else about it. At the least, you might be able to get some
clues by looking at it.

Thanks for the replies. Adding a custom menu (which we already have) seems to be the easiest to implement. I was sort of hoping for some official, yet undocumented, support for inserting PIs.


I don't know about PTC, but when Arbortext was a standalone company, the
words "undocumented" and "official" did not go together. There were
several work-arounds for various things that involved code that was
undocumented and therefore unofficial. The standard caveat for this
type of work-around from Arbortext was that it was vulnerable to being
gone in a future release, also without documentation.
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