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Java Console Auto Popup?


Java Console Auto Popup?

Hello all,

In one of the PTC User sessions showing off some of the new features in the upcoming Epic 5.3 release, a Java exception was thrown that nicely popped up in a window. Does anyone know if this functionality can be enabled in
5.1? (I'm not certain this was automatic, but it sure seemed like it at the time)

I know that if Tools->Java Console is open at the time of the uncaught exception, the stacktrace is printed there. However, if this window is closed, all the user sees is a message along the lines of "Java has thrown an exception" which is less than useful for debugging purposes. Internally, we do a pretty good job of logging exceptions when they are caught, so this really just applies to the unexpected scenarios.

Thanks in advance,

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I didn't go to the PTC User event, so I didn't see the 5.3 preview, but
we have been making the Java Console pop up when we want to print a
stack trace by extending Application class, adding the following method,
and then calling it from whatever catch blocks we need. Not automatic,
but maybe a step toward what you are looking for...

public static void printStackTrace(Throwable throwable) {
try {
Acl.func("java_console", "1");
} catch(Throwable throwable1) { }

Brian Jensen

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