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Linking graphics from Documentum using Webtop-Epic


Linking graphics from Documentum using Webtop-Epic

I would like to add a reference to a graphic in Documentum to my XML document but am only getting a local file path to a graphic. We are using Arbortext 5.3 M030 with a schema. I am adding a reference by opening webtop-epic (via the Arbortext Documentum menu), selecting my graphic, and then clicking "File --> Insert Reference". I would expect a DRL entry to appear, but instead a path to the graphic on the local file system is added <graphic filepath="N:\Apps\Documentum\Viewed\Blue" hills.jpg&quot;="/>. Any help for a newbie would be appreciated. Thanks!

Any help would be appreciated.


Dear Old Work Buddy,

I have the same problem with my NAVSEAC2.sgml file. My graphic only
works with the DTD being in the same folder. When I created a graphics
folder it wouldn't see it. The PTC rep said that the Graphics are being
referenced as file reference and not an entity in that element. You
would have to change it to be referenced as an entity. When you figure
that out, you would also solve my problem.

Keep those rockets going,

Felicia at Lockheed Martin

Hey, Randy...

We're not using Documentum on this side of the parking lot, but I may be
able to help you resolve this, anyway. Are you using a custom schema,
or is it one you were provided with? If so, which one? Most
importantly, can you post the declarations for your Graphic element, so
we can see how the attributes are defined? Here comes my Documentum
ignorance. What do these DRL entries look like, and how do you use them
in your documents, now?

If the answers to those questions don't clear things up, I can try to
stop over there and take a look, if that'd be okay. (Much easier to
sort things out in person, generally.)

Brandon Ibach
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Cape Canaveral, FL

Hi Brandon,

I believe our problem is heavily tied to the Arbortext-Documentum interface, but any help is welcome.

We are using a custom schema, here are the graphic element definitions:

<xsd:element name="Figure">
<xsd:element ref="Title" minoccurs="0"/">
<xsd:element name="Graphic" maxoccurs="unbounded">
<xsd:attribute name="FilePath" use="required" type="xsd:string"/">
<xsd:attribute name="Magnification" default="1" type="xsd:integer"/">
<xsd:attribute name="PageBreak" default="No">
<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
<xsd:enumeration value="No"/">
<xsd:enumeration value="NextAvailablePage"/">
<xsd:enumeration value="NextRightPage"/">
<xsd:enumeration value="Landscape"/">
<xsd:attributegroup ref="a_SuppressionAttributes"/">
<xsd:attributegroup ref="a_IDforXref"/">

Here is the syntax of a DRL:dctm://repository_name/object_specification?arguments

And a few examples:
dctm://scribblers3/dm_document where object_name='toto'?DMS_OBJECT_SPEC=PREDICATE
dctm://scribblers3/draft_folder where project_status='DRAFT'?DMS_OBJECT_SPEC=PREDICATE