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Live Meeting


Live Meeting

Hail, colleagues. The San Francisco Bay Area PTC/User group will soon
have its first Live Meeting, WebEx, Webinar or Something, and it is
certain to be fun. We are in the planning stages now, and are trying to
get a sense of how many people might be interested in a virtual meeting
in which various experts and users would present and share knowledge.
We're thinking of doing a web/phone meeting on a Saturday morning, maybe
at 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time.

If such a thing were offered, would you attend? if so, would you prefer
a Saturday morning to a weekday evening?

Todd Hicks
Manager, Editorial Desktop - Content Technology
Wolters Kluwer Global Platform Organization


I would be interested and would prefer Saturday since I'm on Eastern Standard Time.

Hi Todd-

I would probably tune in sometimes, but it would depend heavily on the
specific topic being discussed, and also of course on my workload at the


Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant


I would like to attend this. Weekend would probably work best for me as well.


-Jason A. Buss

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