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Modify Installation using ORCA


Modify Installation using ORCA

Has anyone successfully modified the Arbortext.msi for Arbortext Editor

None of the properties specified on page 49 and 50 in Installing
Arbortext(r) Editor(tm),
Styler(tm), and Architect(tm) Arbortext 5.4 F000 June 2009 appear in the

What is the magic incantation required to change the default
installation to a different directory and make this puppy install
without asking questions (a silent install)?

Attempted modifications with ORCA 4.0.6001 (download from Microsoft this
morning). PC is a HP, 2.1GHz, 2 gig RAM, Windows XP-SP3.

\ / Andy Esslinger LM Aero Tech Order Data
_____-/\-_____ (817) 279-0442 1 Lockheed Blvd, Mail Zone 4285
\_\/_/ (817) 777-3047 Fort Worth, TX 76108


We had done some work on a 5.3 install package with ORCA. What we had
found is that you can come really close to a silent install, but for
some reason, there were just some MSI properties that we couldn't get to
stick, no matter what we tried (specifically related to print composer
installs and PE services being on by default). Our 5.3 install still
requires about 3 clickthroughs and setting the print composer option by

I began browsing the documentation for the Editor Deployment Kit. There
may be some added value there, but I still miss the 5.1 and prior method
(the patch dir and the text config file made things waaay easier, IMHO).

I wish there was still a method for adding a skeleton install tree with
the files you wanted as part of the install.