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Multiple volume PDF generation and linking?


Multiple volume PDF generation and linking?

I have a large PDF file that the customer has requested to be broken into
volumns and they want the resulting separate PDF files to be cross linked.
This document is also generated as an IETM in HTML format, but in this
case as a single system.

I'm looking to process this with a FOSI and PE and I'm looking for
suggestions/ideas on how this might be accomplished or if even can be

The approach the customer has taken in the past is to run a tool over the
separate PDF files that would do a string compare in the PDF for
references and then make them links. This process is only as good as the
search string and knowing all the various ways something might be
referenced. They would then do a massive review of the results to validate
that everything is linked.

I'm thinking that there might be a way to add some information to the XREF
tag (say the PDF file name to be generated - which I can control) that the
link should then point to. This would require PE/FOSI to output a link
something like "filename.PDF#linktarget" to then make the proper link. For
the HTML I would just ignore filename and generate my own information as I
would normally do to make HTML pages of each chapter or section.

Here is what I I know of the requirements:

- Produce 7 individual PDF files from the volumn tag - I'd prefer to do
this all in one pass, but I could run the process 7 times, specifying a
different volumn each pass.
- Produce a Master set of PDF bookmarks across all the volumns
- Produce in each volumn a set of bookmarks for that volumns TOC (this
includes lists of tables and figures)
- Properly link all "internal" cross references to their appropriate
location in each of the 7 PDF files. I want to link to the specific
section, figure or table title in those files.

Any ideas?