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Oracle CMS DK Query

Oracle CMS DK Query

Hi All,

We had a customer upgrade his Oracle IFS database toOracle CMS DK.

The issue we have now is the graphic pathname in the SGML fragmentsare pointing to the old server, does anyone have any ideas how we could do a mass change of all the SGML content to point to the new server?

BTW there are thousands of fragments!

The only idea we had was to use XSLT to search and replace the pathname prior to publish but the customer is hung up on making the change permanent intheir repository.

Apparently Oracle is not great at handing SGML...




I have been asked:

Is there a way in a screen FOSI to update the generated text for an e-i-c *without* updating the entire document, or maybe just update the current screen without doing the entire document?

A super-secret hidden argument or something?

I think the answer is "no" but I thought I would ask anyway...

Someone, Clay I think, was looking into this a while ago. I wasn't near my
help file or my own ACLs. I thought I remembered some trick or command that
could do this. Well, I'm still not sure. I didn't find a nice little
command like UpdateGentextEditWindowVisibleOnlyThankYouVeryMuch.

I did find:

option_scope, set option_scope

Which paired with set -local gentext=on maybe plays nice? Didn't test, so
no guarantees.

You are probably already aware of this, but just in case...

Arbortext recommends a way to code thescreen FOSI to optimize gentext updates.I've attached relevant PDF from my book.

Good luck!
Suzanne Napoleon
"WYSIWYG is last-century technology!"

Definitely a challenge Pete! Perhaps you could develop some sort of script
that would trawl through the repository and checkout/update/checkin the
fragments as necessary. You probably want to run that on a backup copy of
the CMS first to test 🙂

Otherwise you could run that sort of processing in a "lazy" fashion as
required (eg. only when authoring/editing/publishing a fragment ensure the
graphics are fixed up and then checked back in).

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