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PDF start page


PDF start page

Does anyone know if there is a way, using FOSI to create PDF with
Arbortext Print Composer, to cause the PDF file, when double-clicked, to
open to page "X" [X=pick any number] instead of the first PDF page?
I know you can do this with an Adobe prologue or epilogue file, but is
there a way to do this programmatically? The page number may be
different on different files, so hard-coding it to "page 3" or "page 4"
etc will not be acceptable.

There may be some "metadata" pages preceding the Title page, so ideally,
we would like to be able to "flag" a certain page model, such as (in the
FOSI), to be the page to which the PDF file opens, regardless
of its page number or how many pages precede it.

With PE you can do it. Check out the pdf configuration file options,
especially <open destination="cdata">. The best documentation for the
different settings controlled by this file is the DTD itself,

I don't know if a Print Composer can use the pdf configuration file
feature or not.

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC

Hi Ed--

I did something like this at SPSS, using dynamically generated EPS embedded
in the document. This will only work if you're using Distiller; if you're
using direct-to-PDF, then you'll have to go through Arbortext's mechanism
(which is probably easier anyway, if it's an option).

Anyway, the idea is this: as part of your publish procedure, you generate an
EPS file containing the PDFMark commands to set the default view. You can
control the starting magnification, target page, document metadata, etc. If
this seems weird, keep in mind that EPS files are really just text files
containing the postscript commands to draw the desired figure. In this case,
instead of commands to draw a figure, you include commands to set the
document info. Then you insert a reference to the EPS in your document, and
the PDF info gets created when Distiller does its thing.

If you're interested, let me know and I can send you more details.


Clay Helberg
Senior Consultant

It looks like it probably works with Direct-to-PDF and, as you say, with
PE, but it won't work with Print Composer. Unless you know of a secret,
Easter-egg switch, or some unpublished environment variable, other than
set pdfconfigfile, or some other way to make it work.