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PE customization issue


PE customization issue

Hi folks-

I'm hoping one of the PE gurus around here can help me out. I'm trying
to do a custom web composition setup, meant to be used with PE. The
custom part is this: after the basic web composition finishes, I need to
apply an XSLT transformation to the toc.xml file that is generated as
part of the standard web composition process.

I set this up by copying comp_web.acl into my custom/scripts directory
(on both client and PE), and adding code to the
comp_web::web_postprocessing() function there. This works just dandy
when composing via an Editor client (menu File->Compose->Web)-everything
comes out OK, and the transformation is applied at the end just like I

Unfortunately, I also need to support composition via HTTP request (i.e.
web service using e3?f=convert&blahblahblah). When I do it this way, the
composition runs, but my postprocessing code doesn't. AFAICT it doesn't
seem to run comp_web::web_postprocessing at all when running compose for
web via HTTP.

So, my question is, can anyone tell me either a) how to make the HTTP
request composition process run the postprocessing code, or b) where
(else) I should put the postprocessing code so that it will run for HTTP
request processes? Thanks!