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PTC Live Global 2013 Call for Presentations Deadline is Friday


PTC Live Global 2013 Call for Presentations Deadline is Friday

Hi Deb,

I have to say I question the separation of events because all of the non-Arbortext attendees I happened to talk withat recent PTC conferenceswere eager to learn more about Arbortext. Some had licenses they didn't know what to do with. Consequently, I think presentations like "Stop writing documentation and start manufacturing it," "Don't let documentation slow your time to market," and"Everything you always wanted to know about Arbortext but were afraid to ask" would be of interest to many PTC users. And would pay off in sales and services revenue. 🙂

Also, I have some questions regarding the Service Exchange event that will include Arbortext:

1. What exactly is "Service Exchange"? I searched the PTC site but got no results.

2. Will this conference be geared to management, developers, or both?

3. Will attendees be admitted to the PTC conference?

4. Why no call for papers?

5. With no call for papers, who will present?

6. Will the cost be the same as PTC LiveGlobal?

7. When will registration begin?

8. Is there a conference rate for the hotel?

9. Is the Service Exchange event sponsored by PTC/USER? You appear to be with PTC.



This is the same response, verbatim, that I got from her when I asked the same questions (more or less).
She’s obviously got that text saved somewhere and just pastes it into a response to everybody that asks about the Service Exchange event.

The Service Exchange event appears to be an afterthought that hasn't been started yet, while the "real" event has closed its request for papers and is already open for advance registration.

I'm afraid this "separate but not equal" approach may be a tactic to try to eliminate an Arbortext-related conference in the future. By defining and handling it in such as way that no one is interested and no one attends, they can shut it down for "lack of interest." But as others can confirm, before PTC took over, hundreds of people attended the Arbortext user group events each year.

In any case, I am planning to go to Anaheim in June. I'll have a really cool handout this year.

I am afraid your right. Which is a really sad thing for those of us who use the program. Still, with the economy the way it is, and the lack of effort put into Arbortext, my company hasn’t been willing to send me to the conference for the past few years.