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Prespace on paragraph after table


Prespace on paragraph after table

It looks like the <date> tag is right after the <table>. What
formatting is on the <date> tag?

Assuming FOSI and not some other weirdness:

Check your paragraph to ensure that it has a text break. Prespace is
not supported for in-line elements, or as it is phrased in Help: A text
break must appear in the charlist of each e-i-c that is formatted using
prespace or postspace.

From Arbortext Help: If two elements with identical adjacency priority
values (other than force) have identical preferred values, the maximum
and minimum from the first will be used.

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What Andy said, but as Ed asked, what is the formatting on <date>? The
textbreak may be required on the <date> element as well, since it is the
first element following <table>. In fact, if the amount of prespace you
are setting should only apply to a <date> following a <table>, then you
need to set the prespace on <date>, not on <paragraph>.

When developing a FOSI it is usually necessary to provide at least a
textbreak for parent elements like <date> in this case. Some
inheritance may also need to specified for fonts, leading, indents, etc.

I often find that when an element's formatting isn't displaying or
printing as I expect it should, I've missed specifying at least a
textbreak on the parent or an earlier ancestor.



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