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Regarding ISodraw


Regarding ISodraw

Hi All,

Can anyone help me to solve the below questions as I am very new to Isodraw and Macro language.

Thanks in advance.

Scope: I have hell of .iges files and need to explode the assemblies,illustrate them in Isodraw 7.3 or Isodraw 6.1 and save them as as .cgm and .JPEG formats.

Question 1: Whn I open .iges files(Created from catiaV5 i guess) and select single bolt for example, all the bolts in the model are getting selected and getting exploded at a time but i need to select individually as they are grouped in original catia file.Is there any option to select them individually and then explode.Please help.

Question 2: When i record a macro, where these macros will get stored in Computer for Windows XP Service pack2. Can anyone send me macro to export all the .iso files to .cgm and .jpeg at a time.Please send me macro for Isodraw 6.1 or Isodraw 7.3 or Isodraw 7.0 Cad process. And also how to edit the macro if in need to change anything.


Here is a basic CMG/JPG export macro

It will use the setting that are stored in the IsoDraw 7.3 Preferences.prf file

Macro Export CGM JPG

Define docname as String
Define path as String

docname = stripExt(

Export path+docname+".CGM" "CGM"

Export path+docname+".jpg" "jpeg"

End Macro

Depending on your network set up the macros maybe stored in a couple of different places

C:\Program Files (x86)\PTC\Arbortext IsoDraw 7.3\Program\Macros



Hope this helps