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Request for Technical Support


Request for Technical Support


We have done latest installation for ArborText Editor 6.1 ver , as per our requirement we want to add one new additional menu on ArborText editor for our business perspective and need to add some sub menus with some customization functionality . We don't have source for the Arbortext editor to customize , currently we have licence to access only the features that are  existing in the editor , we want to add or develop some new features for our requirement in the ArborText Editor to do this we required source code to customize , can we get any support on this please.

Thanks & Regards,

Sridhar Tuggudem


Hi Sridhar,

Have you tried ACL? To add menus and custom functionality for your environment, you can use ACL (Arbortext Command Language).

ACL is a native language to Arbortext and gives you control over many features and settings within Editor. The documentation is available on PTC's support site.

Hope that helps!


5-Regular Member

Hi Sridhar

As Jeff say, you can customize using ACL.

Also ACL doesn't need another license if you have already license for Arbortext Editor.

Below is simple customizing ACL source for adding custom menu. Please refer to sample.

1. Save below souce as 'ptc_init.acl' file and copy the file into 'Arbortext Install Path/custom/init' Folder.

package ptc_init;

require ptc_menu;

function init() {
    add_hook('menuloadhook', "ptc_menu::init");



2. Save below source as 'ptc_menu.acl' file and copy the file into 'Arbortext Install Path/custom/scripts' Folder.

package ptc_menu;

function customMenu(mnuName) {

function init() {
    # Add new custom main & sub menu
    madd -menu -before .Help "CustomMainMenu";
    menu_add ".CustomMainMenu." "Submenu_1" -cmd {customMenu("Submenu_1")};
    menu_add ".CustomMainMenu." "" -separator;
    menu_add ".CustomMainMenu." "Submenu_2" -cmd {customMenu("Submenu_2")};

    # Insert custom menu to existing menu
    menu_add -before .File.Import "Close All Custom Menu" -cmd {customMenu("Close All")};

3. After restart Arbotext Editor, you can see custom menu.

4. You can search ACL Guide, Grammar, Function, etc. on Arbortext Help Center.

    Installing Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Help Center be installed as even.

Hope this helps...

Kim, Joon O

This is documented in Arbortext. You don't need to modify source code, Arbortext is very configurable and customisable. See here for a PTC Support article on exactly your question:

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