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Sanity check please.


Sanity check please.

I have Epic open and also the help center as I try to figure out the why of
my missing graphics. Like I said last week I believe it has to do with the
notation declarations.

So I searched the help center for 'notation' and get over 500 'hits'. Most
of the hits will open the desired 'help topic' in the right pane of the help

However, some are opening the PDF for the ACL Reference guide. Some examples
are 'notation_exists' and 'notation_source'.

I am wondering if it is me, or if it is something in the search function of
the help center. It is especially confusing because when I go to the ACL
reference in the help center and locate any of the functions there, it opens
the desired help window.

Steps to duplicate (hopefully a Can Not Duplicate [CND])
1. Open Help Center
2. Type Notation in the search window
3. Find either of the two functions listed above.
4. Click and let me know. 😄



Hi Lynn--

The help center contains both HTML and PDF versions of much of the documentation, so some of the links will take you to a PDF rather than a standard HTML help topic.

To limit the search to only HTML topics, you can click the Advanced search tab, and select "HTML" under "Document Type".