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Second related XUI question


Second related XUI question

I have this application for comment and review that uses a XUI dialog
to display and manage the comments that are in line with the current
document. I've used the address.js XUI sample as my starting point,
but I've got a more complicated application.

If a person is working with my application consistently things seem
to work fine. If they get distracted and switch to email or
something, returning back to the XUI has a problem. Clicking back on
the XUI dialog seems to only refresh the screen and establish a
connection. If that click was on a button or checkbox, it seems to
take a second push to get that function to trigger. IS this something
I've done wrong or something we have to live with.

Seems to me that MS Word works this way when you reactivate the
window. I'll click in the window where I want my cursor to be, but
the cursor doesn't move, its where ever it was when I left. So I'm
thinking this is something we just have to live with.

Any ideas?


Pretty sure you're just going to have to live with it. The first click in a Windows window returns the focus to that window. I know I've seen the behavior you want, but it has been very rare. I'm pretty sure you'd need to access the Windows inter-window messaging structure at a level that's not accessible from your XUI.

Hope someone out there can prove me wrong... 🙂

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