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Spell checking and inline markup...


Spell checking and inline markup...

Has anyone had difficulty with using the spellcheck on text
that also contains inline markup? If I have two words that have no space
in between them, such as:

I really enjoy crispytacos.

Epic will not flag this as a misspelling if there is inline
markup between the two words:

I really enjoy crispytacos.

I searched the help for any limitations, caveats,
preferences, and I don’t see anything mentioned. Is this something
that can be fixed, or due to be fixed, or something we just have to live with?

We are running Epic 5.1F, on Win2K/XP.




This is a known limitation. Markup always is considered to be a word
breaker by the spell checking code. I will file an enhancement CR for
this. We may have to do this using the DCF file, so you would have to
list every tag that should not be a word breaker. The issue is some tags
can generate content. As an example think about an inline generating a
following mdash character, it should probably be considered a word
breaker. But this is hard to determine automatically inside the

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC


A different idea would be out of the box white space validation. That is
validation the says that the text node following a close tag must start
with a space, punctuation followed by a space, or if the last text node
in the container element just punctuation.

We have created custom ACL to do that kind of validation. We have then
hooked into the Completeness Check button & menu item.

Keith Morris