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Splash screen


Splash screen


Does anyone know of a way to suppress the Arbortext Editor splash screen? Or alternatively, replace it?


Hi David--

It's pretty hard to do this, because the splash screen is baked right
into the editor executable file. So you can't just swap out a .gif file
and get your own splash screen. And I couldn't find any startup command
parameters that would suppress the splash screen.

One thing I found that seems to work is to launch it as an ActiveX
object. If you create a file called startepic.js, containing the
following code:

var epic = new ActiveXObject("Epic.Application");

epic.Acl.execute("edit " + WScript.Arguments.item(0) + ");

you should be able to launch Arbortext without a splash screen by

startepic.js "C:\my\file\path\doc.xml"

This depends on having the Windows Scripting Host enabled on your
system. You'll have to decide if this is more trouble than it's worth.


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You mentioned about changing the splash screen image. You could use a "Resource Editor" (eg.


Actually, I was able to find the splash screen by opening the executable in MS Visual Studio. But I would definitely not want to recommend to anyone that they try to hack the exe binary just to tweak a splash screen. I'm pretty sure that would void your warranty, at the very least, and might well break the executable.


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